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Program Fees vary based on country of origin, area of US you would like to study in, and duration of your studies.   As an example, program fees for Chinese students in PA are $3500.  Please contact NWACE for a representative responsible for your local country.   Program Fees include expenses related to accommodation with a local host family, health insurance and fees associated with US State Department SEVIS program. 

Host Family accommodation includes a comfortable home environment, meals with the family, internet access, transportation to/from school and some local transportation.   /  You will be expected to have money for personal entertainment, personal care items, cell phone service, and school items such as uniform, clothes/shoes and supplies.  

Expenses not covered that you are expected to pay:  Travel between your home country and the United States; Standardize test fees(ex. AP, TOEFL, SAT, ACT); and Visa interview fees in your home country.     Additionally, some schools have extra charges for special classes (ex. ESL, Art, Band, College), graduation fees, extra-curricular activities or school trips.  These are not covered in program or school fees and the student will be expected to pay for these if they participate or are required to by the school.  For additional info, please email or call.   


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